we’re glad you’re here.


Imago Dei may be a little different from what you’re used to in a church. This is a safe place for you to be exactly who you are, at whatever point you are in your spiritual journey.

What are you bringing? Unsettling questions? A rock solid faith? Soul crushing pain? Unexpected joy? A longing to find an invisible God? An unwavering sense of God’s presence? Scars from past religious experiences? A legacy of love from your church family? All of the answers? None of the answers?

Whatever you’re bringing, there’s a place for you here.


We call ourselves Imago Dei Church because we believe the Imago Dei — the image of God — is in all of us. We each reflect a different aspect of God that is beautiful and unique.


This is a community that accepts you as you are. We don’t just tolerate you. We’re richer and better because you’re here. Your race, gender, background, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and all the other markers that normally put you in a box, are part of what make you, you. They add up to a unique presence and contribution that only you can make, and we’re lucky to have you here. 


We gather on Sundays at 9 am and have classes for all ages at 10:30 am.

Imago Dei Church
2221 N. Gale Avenue
Peoria, IL 61604


The “3 Circles” of our identity — Community, Mission, and Practices — are found in our logo. These circles, all unique yet intersecting, work together in our spiritual formation as we aim to be formed in the image of Christ.




We were created for community and that's where real life change takes place — in the context of intentional relationships where we can be known and loved. All are welcome here and we believe we are stronger and better together.

Some ways to engage in Community:



We like experimenting with both new and ancient spiritual practices and we recognize everyone's journey with God as unique. We also embrace the various seasons of faith development: excitement & struggle, devotion & wandering, simplicity & paradox, contemplation & action.

Some ways to engage in Practices:



We are committed to promoting the values of the Kingdom of God: love, justice, hope, equality, mercy and grace. We do some initiatives in-house and also partner with local and global organizations that may be different than us, in order to serve all of our neighbors.

Some ways to engage in Mission:


Even with the variety of backgrounds and beliefs we bring into our community, we have five directives that drive our decision making and create unity among our church.

Everything. Mission. Process. Community. Christian.


Still have questions? We’ve tried to answer some common ones.

Do I need to wear my Sunday best?

There is no dress code. You do you.

Where do I park if the lot is full?

You can street park on Gale, or in the funeral home parking lot, which is entered from University, just south of the church.

That’s a lot of doors, where do I enter?

You can enter through any door, but the main entrance is in the courtyard facing Gale.

What about my kids?

Childcare is provided for younger children during the service, though you are welcome to have your children stay with you if you'd prefer. Those aged 3 months – 3 years have childcare provided, and 4-year-olds and kindergarteners can be dropped off for classes during the meet and greet after the music.

We encourage children in first grade and older to participate in the 9am service with their family.

(There are also classes at 10:30 for children, youth, and adults.)