We’re preparing for another trip to Honduras to partner with Mercy International in June 2019.

Mission Trips

Over the past several years, almost a quarter of our church has traveled to Yamaranguila, Honduras to serve with Mercy International. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, with 50% of the population below the poverty line. Our specific task over the past several years has been to work in a ghetto outside of La Esperanza, where hundreds of people were uprooted by flooding due to Hurricane Mitch in 1998 and still live in "temporary" shacks. We continue an ongoing project to rebuild homes in partnership with the local town council. While engaging in this physical work we also cultivate relationships and give reassurance to these people that God has not forgotten them and neither has the church.

Every year, there are dozens of moments where we get to celebrate the humanity of the people in this little community that are mostly despised and forgotten in their society. We get to remind them that they are the Imago Dei and God has not forgotten them. It’s some of the most meaningful work I’ve ever done in my life.
— Cory Brown

Every year, we build at least one new home, reconnect with families we've met before, listen to their stories and struggles, play games with children, and meet students who are sponsored through our church. In all of this, we try our best to be Jesus's hands and feet to all who cross our paths and show them how valuable and beautiful they are as God's children.


Hope & a Future

Another way to stand up for the precious people of Honduras is to sponsor students through Mercy International's "Hope & a Future" program. For years now, people from Imago have been financially sponsoring children in Honduras who wish to escape the terrible cycle of poverty and finish school. Since many Honduran children are raised by young, poor single-moms and the government offers no assitance for school beyond 6th grade, most kids cannot afford the cost of going to High School. They are forced to quit school and get a job as an unskilled worker, which perpetuates the cycle of poverty all over again.

To find out more info on how to get involved, whether it's writing encouraging letters to students in the program, praying for them, or sponsoring them financially, please contact Laurel Boyer.

Honduras Team Wish List

Our team is leaving on June 4th to head to Honduras, and they’d love to have a few items to take with them for the kiddos in the community. You can order directly from the Amazon Wish List, or stop by the Donation Center to pick up a copy of the list. All items needed no later than Sunday, June 2nd.