At Imago, we believe that shared leadership makes us better.

Our church is led by the Leadership Team. They are responsible for the direction, vision and operation of the church. In that capacity, they oversee the staff and give direction to the Formation Team, Resource Team and Ministry Team. We have a multitude of gifted leaders in our community, and we're grateful for the roles they play.


Leadership Team


Bryan Holmes
Formation Team Leader

Bryan has no favorite sports team, but many favorite people, especially his wife Laura, and their suddenly grown daughters Lily and Claire. By day he herds third graders, and by night he solves the world’s problems in coffee shops, tackles his perpetual pile of half-read books, looks for the best in people and leads the Formation Team. He’s learning to speak GIF.


Renae Miller
Formation Team

Renae is a wife to one, mother to two, and part-time mental health therapist to many at a private practice in Peoria, specializing in anxiety disorders and OCD. She has attended Imago since the 2nd Sunday it has been in existence and loves the church and its people deeply. She sings in the Peoria Area Civic Chorale and kickboxes for fun. She has ridden over 220 different rollercoasters and continues to love traveling to different theme parks to increase that number. She is excited to join the Leadership Team at Imago to add this to her list of adventures.


Eric Masters
Ministry Team

Eric is married to Amber and lives in Peoria. When he isn’t being preachy on the internet, he serves on the Leadership and Ministry Teams, brews beer, plays D&D, pets every cat, and somehow gets paid to design things.


Cory Brown

Cory is an engineer at Cat and, as such, prefers bullet points over prose. Here’s some stuff about Cory:

  • Married to Vicky who gives him credibility

  • Has 3 kids

  • Previously served on leadership team for first 8 years of Imago

  • Lives in Peoria

  • Likes nerdy games, football, & national parks


Dave Hoffman
Resource Team

Dave is married to the love of his life and best friend, Kathy. He has three grown children, two working and one in college. He’s retired and enjoying every minute of it. He loves to hike, backpack, or just hang out in the woods with his two retrievers. He also enjoys reading and watching movies, especially westerns and mysteries. He has been volunteering with the Boy Scouts for the past 25 years, and is looking forward to getting more involved at Imago on the Resource and Leadership Teams.


Jeff Earleson

Jeff is married to the amazing Holly and has an adorable daughter Kara. During the daytime he helps large trucks drive themselves and serves on the worship team playing piano and bass guitar. He fits most bass player stereotypes by preferring to blend in with the scenery but can be coaxed into speaking with good coffee, good beer, or good conversation.


Support Teams


Formation Team

The Formation Team considers the spiritual health and development of the church. They tend to pastoral care needs including the health of our staff. Members include:

  • Bryan Holmes

  • Karen Walters

  • Lynn Karneboge

  • Steve Harris

  • Chris Schaffner

  • Erin Springer

  • Renae Miller

Ministry Team

The Ministry Team directs and improves the ministries of the church. They manage volunteers, and oversee our connection and outreach opportunities. Members include:

  • Dustin Hite

  • Christina Hite

  • Laura Holmes

  • Eric Masters

  • Holly Earleson

Resource Team

The Resource Team handles the business affairs of the church. They manage the budget, finances and care of the facilities. Members include:

  • Josh Lee

  • Ashby Patterson

  • Mike Tunis

  • Dave Hoffman

  • Joel McCormick