One of the best ways to get connected at Imago Dei is to find a place to get involved. We love helping attenders find a way to engage at a deeper level, and these teams are a wonderful place to begin.

To get started, fill out the form below and tell us where you might be interested in serving. We'll make sure the right person gets your information and contacts you promptly.



At Imago Dei, we believe faith begins to grow from an early age. To learn more about how we teach our little ones, please see our main children's ministry page.


Held at 10:30am each Sunday, our 6th-10th grade class is a casual environment to ask questions and learn about God. Using a variety of curricula, students engage in conversation that is relevant to the issues they face as they learn to follow Jesus in community.

Local Outreach


Our church dreams of the day when every child, parent, and professional in the foster care and adoption community of Peoria will be seen, known, and loved. Surround is a multi-faceted initiative with plenty of opportunities to serve this community including babysitting, mentoring, honoring workers, and meeting emergency needs.

Breakfast Club

One of the most unique aspects of our church is our Breakfast Club — a free Sunday morning breakfast offered to anyone who wants to come. While we focus on those who are experiencing homelessness by driving to our local shelters and picking up guests for this weekly meal, many others people gather together each week for much more than a meal. Breakfast Club now serves as an ongoing place of connection, friendship and hope.

Neighborhood Team

We do our best to make an impact right where we are, so our neighborhood team is an important part of that. This team helps with quarterly events that are open to the whole Parkview neighborhood. Through fun and food, we have the opportunity to connect with neighbors.

Community Garden

Our Community Garden helps provide fresh veggies to our neighbors, the residents at Parkview Apartments. We plant, weed, water, and harvest throughout the warm months, aiming to help make up the gap for the food desert in our neighborhood.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery ("C.R.") is a 12-step program that embraces Jesus as our Higher Power. The program applies to all kinds of life’s concerns, giving support especially to those struggling with and hoping to overcome addiction and unmanageable issues. Meeting on Friday nights, this program includes dinner, followed by a time of worship and sharing, celebrating sobriety achievements, and discussion groups.


Sunday Service

Worship Team

By blending a mix of hymns, original music, and our favorite inspirational songs, we try to create an environment that invites reflection, adoration, and transformation. We like experimenting with different creative approaches and are always looking to add more musicians to our talented bands.

Tech Team

This tech-savvy team makes sure what's coming out of the speakers and projected onto the screens adds to the overall Sunday-morning experience. From running Keynote slides to recording the podcast, this team accomplishes a lot behind the scenes.

Security Team

Every week, we have a point person that walks the halls to make sure things are running smoothly. They keep an eye on the lobby & sanctuary, point people in the right direction, and close down the building after all have left.

Greeting Team

Because coming to church isn't an easy process, this team offers a warm smile and a welcoming environment. Whether it's showing someone new where to find coffee, or offering an old friend a hug, this team is full of friendly faces.

Coffee Team

Around Imago, we're serious about our coffee. We buy beans directly from Honduras, roast them fresh here in town, and brew it by the gallon every Sunday. The coffee team shows up early so you can have your coffee just the way you like it. We even have mugs for you to borrow.


Other Opportunities

Building & Grounds

We love our church's location and are striving to take care of it. Whether it's construction, maintenance, or creatively utilizing the space we have, this team is full of dedicated volunteers who make our space functional and beautiful.

Prayer Team

Every month, this team gathers prayers requests and holds our church before the Lord in prayer. To be part of this team, you don't have to be an expert. All that is needed is a desire to connect with God and a belief that God cares about the things that are on our hearts.


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