Yes, walking into a church you've never been to before can be scary. We totally understand that — but we're glad that you're thinking about checking us out. And to make your first visit as comfortable as possible, we've tried to answer some of the questions you might be asking.

What does Imago Dei mean?

Imago Dei is a latin phrase which means “image of God.” Our name continually reminds us that every single person, regardless of their life experiences, is made in God's image. God’s goodness that resides in us is a wonderful starting point for any discussion about faith.

And because we believe that every one of us reflects the image of God, we affirm the worth of every person regardless of social, economic, or marital status, race, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, political or previous religious affiliations. If you want to be part of us, you’re “us.” Just as we are freely loved and accepted by God, we will offer love and acceptance to everyone.

Do I need to wear my Sunday best?

There is no dress code. You do you.

Where do I park if the lot is full?

You can street park on Gale, or in the funeral home parking lot, which is entered from University, just south of the church.

That’s a lot of doors, where do I enter?

You can enter through any door, but the main entrance is in the courtyard facing Gale.

Where can I find your statement of beliefs?

Read more about our five directives.

Is communion for everybody or just church members?

We receive communion the first Sunday of each month and every week during Lent and Advent. All Christians are invited to participate. We begin communion by affirming the Apostles’ Creed. (Allergen-free options are offered.)

Wait, do you even have membership?

Nope. If you want to be a part of us, you are a part of us.

Is your church facility wheelchair accessible?

Yes it is.

What about my kids?

Childcare is provided for younger children during the service, though you are welcome to have your children stay with you if you'd prefer. Those aged 3 months – 3 years have childcare provided, and 4-year-olds and kindergarteners can be dropped off for classes during the meet and greet after the music.

We encourage children in first grade and older to participate in the 9am service with their family.

(There are also classes at 10:30 for children, youth, and adults.)