Like many parts of Imago, we want our small groups to develop in ways that feel authentic to the people who are involved in them. We deeply value forming spiritual friendships, being known, and having people in our lives that are easy to talk to about real life.

Many of our current groups meet weekly or bi-weekly in homes and discuss family, work, faith, stories, doubts, and questions.

Periodically, as new people join our community, new groups form. If you'd like to know more about getting connected to a small group, or if you are interested in helping start one by hosting or leading, please fill out the form below and Pastor Dustin Hite will be in contact with you.

Our hope is that you will find natural connections with people around Imago that develop over time into deep community. Whether this happens through a consistent small group, a volunteer team, or a Formation Community, we want you to find your place within our church that feels like home.

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