We have a growing number of people who have gone through the formation community experience, and they often tell us this is the best thing we do around Imago.

Our formation communities are a 2-year commitment consisting of quarterly 24-hour retreats (8 retreats in total). Each retreat is held at the beautiful Chiara Center just on the outskirts of Springfield. Every retreat is a blend of teaching, community time and silence, punctuated by the rhythms of liturgical prayer held in the St. Francis of Assisi Church.

As our basis for our retreats, we pull from the rhythms outlined in Ruth Haley Barton's book Sacred Rhythms. Some of our topics include:

  • how spiritual formation looks different in various seasons of life

  • how to better discern God’s presence in daily life

  • how to be more self-aware and attune to our deepest, truest desires

  • how to incorporate life-giving rhythms & ancient spiritual practices that help us live more connected to God, ourselves, and others


Formation Community 6

Formation Community 6 is currently full and in progress for 2019 and 2020. Here are the dates:

  • Retreat #1: January 26-27, 2019

  • Retreat #2: April 13-14, 2019

  • Retreat #3: July 6-7, 2019

  • Retreat #4: October 12-13, 2019

  • Retreat #5: January 25-26, 2020

  • Retreat #6: May 23-24, 2020

  • Retreat #7: July 11-12, 2020

  • Retreat #8: October 24-25, 2020


If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Dustin Hite or Vicky Brown. They are happy to answer your questions or will meet with you to discuss the journey more deeply.