One of the unique aspects of our services is our emphasis on listening to the voices within our community.

We often have opportunities for input or questions during the sermon. We believe the collective voice of our community adds great value to our experience together, and we’re all better when we share with one another. We hope you find this refreshing and helpful as you explore your faith with us.


Service begins at 9:00am.

If you like coffee, stop by the Parkview Room and grab a mug to take into service. We buy our coffee beans directly from Honduras, roast them locally, and grind it immediately before serving on Sunday mornings.

Feel free to to arrive a little early if you want to check your young children into our Genesis classrooms. Just stop at the info booth in the lobby, and we’ll make sure you find your way.

Our services are casual. Most people wear jeans, and kids 4 and up are encouraged to join us for music, which opens our service each week. Our music is a blend of songs we've written, gospels, hymns and sometimes “mashups.”

And while we aren't a liturgical church, there are liturgical elements that we incorporate most weeks. We read from the lectionary texts, recite the Apostles’ Creed before communion, and follow the church calendar as we join with millions of other Christians worldwide who also gather weekly.