The God of Patience

Julie Dagg


"Lord, couldn't we have figured out a better way to connect than me being homeless?" However, if I had asked, "Why me?" about my troubles, shouldn't I also ask, "Why me?" concerning my blessings? We must not forget the blessings Yahweh bestows upon us, like food, shelter, and the love of family and friends. Many are those who are deprived of these things that we may overlook or take for granted!

Mental illness had rendered me homeless as well as unemployed. For the first week or two, the situation seemed quite scary. I had no one to turn to, no friends in the area and no money; seemed like quite a desperate scenario.

I quickly learned how to find shelter, showers and food. I felt so grateful for those seemingly mundane things. It disturbed me that so many others out there took it for granted, complained if the freebies weren't to their liking and all-around displayed a sense of entitlement to the donations and such. I just didn't/don't get that!

I discovered Imago Dei at that time when I was told of the friendly atmosphere at Imago Dei Breakfast Club. After a couple times, I wondered why hardly any of the homeless lot stayed for the service. I thought I'd give it a try, but was nervous that I'd be hovered over with a bunch of questions as to why I was there. You see, I'm a recovering Jehovah's Witness; knocking on doors at age six, no Christmas, no birthdays, no saluting the flag and so on. In my adulthood I have tended to shy away from organized religion. However, I was quite pleased to find that I was made to feel comfortable, welcomed and under no pressure. The congregation seemed very laid back, the pastor wore flip-flops and there was a live band. Cool! Pastor Charlie has been so inspiring and informative. I have been finding the spiritual nourishment I had been craving through this congregation.

I continued to attend and inquired about the Hot Mess Sisters. I was welcomed with open arms! These ladies have been an unwavering source of support, understanding and unconditional love. So, it felt right to have them join me on stage when I felt the need to be baptized Easter Sunday 2018. Somehow, I have left an impression on their hearts as they have on mine.

I am no longer homeless and no longer feel I am alone. With Yahweh's unconditional love, Yeshua's teachings, guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, and the safety and comfort of Imago Dei, I am becoming the person I've always wanted to be. I suppose the Lord had taken the opportunity of my dire situation to beckon me forward to come close to Him. He awakened my heart with a passion to push past the weariness.

If there's anything I can say about my own relationship with Him, it's that He patiently pursues me, consistently tolerating my spiritual mood swings. He hasn't been unnerved when I've taken longer that I should to obey Him, believe Him, or trust His guidance. Instead of swift justice, He has extended mercy, offering me chance after chance. No one else in the entire world has dealt with me so kindly. So patiently.

Christina Hite