Don't Be Scared of Your Life

Joe Patterson


It seems to me like many of us go through life with a fair bit of anxiety on our plates. This ranges from general social discomforts to genuine panic attacks that can leave a person helpless. But there appears to be a common undercurrent in the lives of most adults I know. There is this nagging question of, “Am I doing what I'm supposed to with my life?”

This question, while often valid, can also leave us crippled. Many of my years have been spent second-guessing my decisions and actions in an effort to decipher the “right” path. Is this the right career choice? Is this the girl I'm supposed to be dating? Am I doing what I was meant to do in life? I can't help but think that this can become a terrible waste of time, and paralyzing if let go too far.

Now, I don't mean to say that having a continual “checking in” with yourself (your intent, personal satisfaction in life, health of relationships) is bad. Far from it. I think that sort of self-awareness is vital to being a healthy person. But if I'm always worried about opportunities I may have passed by and what else might be out there for me, I can't fully live in the present.

I have doubted the chances I didn't take and choices I made so often it's embarrassing. I was super close to becoming a helicopter pilot, but I chose not to. That one has messed with me for a while. But sitting here, taking stock of my life, I wouldn't change anything. I'm convinced that we're all on a constant journey to become who we are, and the journey is never over. I'm happy with my life — all of it — for the first time I can remember. If I went back and changed anything in the past, it's likely I wouldn't have arrived at this spot. I've seen enough time traveling mishaps to know that's not a good idea (Looking at you, Barry Allen).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't be scared of your life. Wherever it is you want to be, just keep at it. It'll happen for you. It may not look like anything you ever imagined, but I'm betting you'll love it.

Lindsey Mooberry