Chrysalis class

Chrysalis is offered to all students in 8th–11th grade and runs the six Sundays in Lent, providing a sampling of Imago's best practices — drawing from the wisdom of historic creeds, discussing the unique approach of our community, and providing some opportunities to live out our faith in practical ways. Lunch will be provided.

Rough outline:

Week 1 :: Process directive

Introduction, share our stories

Week 2 :: Mission Directive

Serve at Breakfast Club, importance of mission

Week 3 :: Everything directive

Explore spiritual practices

Week 4 :: Christian directive

Apostles’ Creed, communion, and baptism

Week 5 :: Community directive

Visit 2-3 area churches

Week 6 :: Our 3 Circles — Community, Practices, Mission

Discuss next steps

In addition to the class teachings/experiences, a few small assignments will be given to help students think about the faith of their families and their own exploration of faith